What is ADHD?

Definition and overview

Common symptoms

How do puzzles help kids with ADHD?

Key takeaway: Puzzles can provide numerous benefits for kids with ADHD, such as improving focus and attention, enhancing problem-solving skills, and building cognitive flexibility. Introducing puzzles gradually and offering support can enhance the experience. Parents can encourage their kids to engage with puzzles online, but should be mindful of potential distractions. Continued engagement with puzzles can lead to further improvements in cognitive abilities.

Improving focus and attention

Enhancing problem-solving skills

Building cognitive flexibility

What types of puzzles are suitable for kids with ADHD?

Jigsaw puzzles


Logic puzzles


How to introduce puzzles to kids with ADHD?

Starting with simple puzzles

Gradual increase in difficulty

Encouraging self-initiative

Combining puzzles with other activities

How can parents support their kids with ADHD while doing puzzles?

Providing a quiet and distraction-free environment

Offering verbal guidance and support

Celebrating successes and efforts

Maintaining a positive attitude

Can kids with ADHD benefit from doing puzzles online?

Advantages of online puzzles

Potential drawbacks and distractions

Recommended online platforms

Tips for a productive online puzzle-solving experience

Recap of benefits

Encouragement for continued puzzle engagement

Suggestions for future research


Three reasons puzzles are great for children with ADHD

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